Monday, 30 June 2014

Choosing Colors That Represent Company Image

Startup company executives have the daunting task of deciding how they want the public to perceive their business. Setting a tone and creating an image that can attract a healthy number of regular customers often involves the creation of company logo, outdoor signage, and posters. For these requirements, companies can rely on professional signage-makers to offer their services, from choosing the official colors to actualizing the concept for the company logo.

Here are some of colors, their meanings, and how certain companies have banked on these to relay an image that makes them more attractive to the public:

  1. Yellow reflects happy feelings. Fast food giant McDonalds has used this color on their M-logo, the world-famous golden arches, paired with a fiery red background, to say that every meal is a “happy meal”.
  2. Blue signifies business confidence. IBM has used this to tell every business to trust their products, like how male applicants always wear blue during job interviews to entice employers to hire them.
  3. Green represents health. Despite countless research against the alleged bad effects of coffee, Starbucks has thrived behind their green motif.
  4. Orange emits joy and optimism. Dunkin’ Donuts has weathered all forms of donut – and even cronut – craze by banking on their image of being an affordable source of simple joy.

Signs, logos, posters, and other forms of visual campaigns become successful when businesses are open to teaming up with reliable sign-makers to do the job.

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