Monday, 30 June 2014

Choosing Colors That Represent Company Image

Startup company executives have the daunting task of deciding how they want the public to perceive their business. Setting a tone and creating an image that can attract a healthy number of regular customers often involves the creation of company logo, outdoor signage, and posters. For these requirements, companies can rely on professional signage-makers to offer their services, from choosing the official colors to actualizing the concept for the company logo.

Here are some of colors, their meanings, and how certain companies have banked on these to relay an image that makes them more attractive to the public:

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

2014’s Logo Design Trends to Sweep Perth Signs and Graphic Industry

"The report also noted that the emerging trends are being more responsive to the requirements of the mobile device where viewing designs on gadgets like smartphones required logos to be infused with energy that somehow connects to viewers on an emotional level. “Dimension and detail are necessarily removed so that these logos read properly on mobile screens,” Gardner observed. Here are some of 2014’s logo design trends expected to grace posters, brochures, and classic wide-format banners in Perth and other locales throughout the globe."

Monday, 23 June 2014

Perth Signs Still Have the Potential to Become Witty Ads of Their Own

"Some Perth signwriters like Kustom Graphix still get creative with their ads. In fact, they're often the subject of praise and admiration in online discussions. A prime example of still-thriving signage advertising can be found in the U.S. Remember that paint ad where a can of green paint spills down the building to the parking lot? What made that ad impressive was the fact that it didn't belong to a paint company but an insurance company. The brand of paint in the ad, of course, was fake."

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What Signs Can Do For Your Business

Signs have been the most common form of advertising and direction-giving device man has used. They are cost effective to produce and offer a lot of leeway for customisation. They also play an indispensable role in the field of tourism, urban planning, and marketing. But what can a good sign actually do for your growing business?

Attract new customers
More often than not, customers always say that they've learned about the opening of a shop or a specific store promo because of an on-premise sign. Start-ups also attribute half of their customers to signs they've put up, and admit that around 35% of passers-by wouldn't recognise their business without a sign.