Friday, 7 November 2014

Go Early Bird on Car Wraps with Installers of Quality Perth Signs

Christmas down under is arriving early for car owners this year as Kustom Graphix, a leading provider of signs in Perth, offers a $250 discount on vehicle wraps for all of November. Summer in Australia is often the time when people go out and unwind under the hot sun. This is your chance to attract more customers to your business just by letting your official vehicles pass. With our month-long promo, you can get your company cars wrapped around with eye-catching visuals that reflect your brand, product, or service.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Company Providing High Quality Signs in Perth Launches New Mobile-Friendly Website

The layout involves a large scrolling banner of the company’s works with text strategically placed below to create a nice clean easy to navigate site. The website was designed to be easy on the eyes with the use of a black-and-red color scheme. Menu options can also be easily accessed above the webpage with links to their company profile, contact details, list of services, and portfolio information. Kustom Graphix overhauled their website to show their willingness to keep up with the times, as reflected in their mission to embrace technology. They have been a prominent provider of trendy signs and banners in Perth since 2003, and have since expanded their expertise to logo design and graphics development. They can handle any large format printing project for any business at generous prices, and they are looking forward to reaching even more clients with the launch of their new website.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Roll up to the Summer Marketing Season with Affordable Signs in Perth

Let Kustom Graphix print your summer-themed ads or develop graphic designs that your customers will never forget. From October 15 to 31, 2014, we are offering $100.00 OFF the regular retail price of our roll up banner display systems. Good savings for your season opener marketing activities! We do vinyl signage, banners, car and boat graphics, safety signs, display systems, and even large format printing for company logos and office signboards. Save on your next round of advertising materials. Call us today to work with the best Perth signwriters and build a knockout advertising campaign for the summer season!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Vehicle Signs: Taking Your Ads to the Road

Advertising has taken on different forms and approaches over the decades. Some strategies, like placing ads on magazines or on television, require more money compared to others. Not everything costly can guarantee positive results, though. Some, in fact, tend to be more effective despite not requiring that much money. One example of this is the use of vehicle signs. Check out these main advantages that will certainly make you consider this method:

Builds a Positive Notion – Surveys have shown that businesses that utilize vehicle or truckside advertising tend to create a positive notion or opinion within their respective communities. People perceive brands that use this form of marketing to be more stable, which is crucial for building a solid reputation.

Increases Audience Reach – Sure, millions of people watch television and get to see ads of companies, but for less the investment, you may also increase your audience reach through truckside signs, which create a daily impression of about 40,000 to 60,000. Moreover, drivers who see your ads on trucks and vehicles will get the idea that the products you offer are being delivered in different areas within your community, making it an effective sales tool.

There are several options concerning vehicle signage, as you may opt for ads made of vinyl or steel sheet, or perhaps vehicle wraps of custom stickers. Regardless of your choice, you can expect favourable results if done right.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tapping Printers of Custom Signs in Perth to Wrap Up Your Vehicles

The wide expanse of Greater Perth underlines the importance of transportation in reaching out to as many customers as possible. You may have hired some licenced general contractors for a home job at some point or other and watched them come over in a vehicle decked out in their company’s livery. If your business vehicles need to stand out and advertise your operation in the process, a detailing company like Kustom Graphix is your ticket to effective vehicle wrap signs in Perth. Branding, Antonelli states, is what carries the message over to customers who kept tracking an official vehicle that just passed by. A consultation with your preferred signage maker can factor the best elements of the brand and use them for conceptualising the vehicle wrap. In many respects, the sign marker should be the same outfit that crafted the signage of your business’ physical location for consistency reasons.

Marketing 101: Wrap Vehicles Up with Custom Signs

Transportation has long been part of the advertising industry, particularly in providing an avenue for reaching out to potential customers. For instance, many businesses deck out their advertisements on their vehicles for better branding. If your business vehicles need to stand out and advertise your operation in the process, a detailing company is your ticket to effective vehicle wrap signs.

Branding is what carries the message over to customers who kept track of an official vehicle that just passed by. By consulting a local signage maker, you may factor-in the best elements of your brand and use them for conceptualising the vehicle wrap. Ideally, the sign maker should be the same outfit that crafted the signage of your business’ physical location, for consistency.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Choosing Colors That Represent Company Image

Startup company executives have the daunting task of deciding how they want the public to perceive their business. Setting a tone and creating an image that can attract a healthy number of regular customers often involves the creation of company logo, outdoor signage, and posters. For these requirements, companies can rely on professional signage-makers to offer their services, from choosing the official colors to actualizing the concept for the company logo.

Here are some of colors, their meanings, and how certain companies have banked on these to relay an image that makes them more attractive to the public:

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

2014’s Logo Design Trends to Sweep Perth Signs and Graphic Industry

"The report also noted that the emerging trends are being more responsive to the requirements of the mobile device where viewing designs on gadgets like smartphones required logos to be infused with energy that somehow connects to viewers on an emotional level. “Dimension and detail are necessarily removed so that these logos read properly on mobile screens,” Gardner observed. Here are some of 2014’s logo design trends expected to grace posters, brochures, and classic wide-format banners in Perth and other locales throughout the globe."

Monday, 23 June 2014

Perth Signs Still Have the Potential to Become Witty Ads of Their Own

"Some Perth signwriters like Kustom Graphix still get creative with their ads. In fact, they're often the subject of praise and admiration in online discussions. A prime example of still-thriving signage advertising can be found in the U.S. Remember that paint ad where a can of green paint spills down the building to the parking lot? What made that ad impressive was the fact that it didn't belong to a paint company but an insurance company. The brand of paint in the ad, of course, was fake."

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What Signs Can Do For Your Business

Signs have been the most common form of advertising and direction-giving device man has used. They are cost effective to produce and offer a lot of leeway for customisation. They also play an indispensable role in the field of tourism, urban planning, and marketing. But what can a good sign actually do for your growing business?

Attract new customers
More often than not, customers always say that they've learned about the opening of a shop or a specific store promo because of an on-premise sign. Start-ups also attribute half of their customers to signs they've put up, and admit that around 35% of passers-by wouldn't recognise their business without a sign.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Signs Should Point to Your Business' Success

Owning a restaurant or any shop or store requires more than exceptional items and services in order to achieve success. You also need to market them effectively to attract more customers. When it comes to tried and tested marketing tools, signs are still one of the frontrunners, even in today's technologically-inclined world. If you are looking to use signage to boost your business, take note of these valuable reminders.

1.       Image Makes A Good First Impression – One of the chief concerns you should pay attention to is the overall visual appeal of your business sign. A sign that looks cheap and unprofessional, no matter how good the products they represent won't be able to attract clients. Moreover, it will also leave a bad light, as far as your company's reputation goes. Make sure the design speaks depicts company values like professionalism and credibility.

2.      Identify the Message – Though signs vary in sizes, they only have room for enough images and information. Determine the message that you want your company sign to carry and make sure they make sense and speak to your target market. They should be able to convey what you want to say and not cause confusion among your consumers.

3.      Proper Maintenance – Lastly, you should never take your signs for granted. As they will be exposed to all kinds of elements, there is a big chance that they will get soiled and dirty in a matter of weeks. Do your part by cleaning them regularly.